Add a Pinterest “Pin It” Button Without a Plugin to Your WordPress

Pinterest is really catching up with people’s interest with its cool new interface and innovative way of allowing people to share their stuff. I’ve been using it since a long time now and have got some small amount of follower as well (Me on Pinterest) and now I’ve started exploring it more. Here’s something I found when I was exploring it today. I’ll show you how to add a “Pin It” button to your wordpress without a plugin which will allow user to share your stuff directly to Pinterest.

Before that, I would ask you a small favor, don’t forget to add me on Pinterest! Fine, so here you go :

1. Login to Pinterest

First of all, you’ll need to login to your pinterest from here. If you have not got an invite yet, you can get one from here.

Pinterest   Login

2. Get your code

Once logged in, go to About > Pin it button or simply click here and get the button code as per your requirement by clicking Goodies button on left sidebar and look for “Pin It” Button for Websites.

Pinterest   Goodies

3. Modify it!

You’re almost done. Instead of the url I’ve added above in the field, you can add the following codes listed below and it’ll work fine!

  1. For url field, add : <?php echo get_permalink(); ?>
  2. For Image field, add : <?php echo get_thumbnail(); ?>
  3. For Description field, add : <?php the_title(); ?> or leave it empty

4. Here’s your code

Congratulations, you’ve done it! Copy the code generated in the field there and paste it wherever you want to use the “Pin It” button on your WordPress.

Come on, You need to pin this article. Your one click can make this post worthwhile! :
Pin It

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  1. Pinterest is becoming popular these days, you shared quite a good info about it ..


  2. Thanks for the tip, Rahul. Looking forward to your pins and reading the playing with Pinterest SEO article.


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