Ada : The Fastest Twitter Client

Web version of Twitter over Twitter clients is preferred because of the fact that most of the Twitter clients consume CPU usage and are not very clean and compact. However, this is not the case with Ada. It is a very perfect, very clean and a really little Twitter client. In fact, it is the simplest Twitter client I have ever come across. It is for the first time that I feel like using a Twitter client instead of the web version. Posting an update to Twitter using Ada is very simple.

Simply click the tweet symbol on the lower bottom of the application. A text box will open up. You can type in your text in this box and update your Twitter profile. The application also allows you to shorten the link or filter the tweet from a single person by typing in their Twitter.

There is also an option to turn off the display of Avatar pictures of peopleappearing in your Twitter Timeline. This further increases the speed of fetching and displaying Twitter updates in your timeline. Ada is a free Twitter client and it is the fastest that I have ever seen.

you can reply and even retweet instantly. What are you waiting for? Download Adaย :ย The Fastest Twitter Client right away and have fun!


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