8 Handy Tools for Onsite Analysis of Your SEO Campaigns

Yesterday, it was interesting to write about Keyword Research Tools for SEO campaigns and today, I’m back again with some new range of handy tools for Onsite Analysis of your SEO campaigns. It is important to see the impact of the SEO campaign you’re running and hence, the Onsite Analysis tools become important. Below, I am listing down those 8 tools I’ve come across and they’re fresh, unique, cool and effective. I am sure you’ll love going through them at least once.


Google Analytics

First and foremost, the most widely used Onsite Analysis tool of all time by the giant : Google Analytics. By far the most used, The program is free to use and provides a wealth of data, including advanced event and goal tracking features that allow you to conclusively measure the ROI of your SEO campaigns.


It used to be free but nowadays, it only allows you to check one website a week and then they have their premium plans but this site has really got some potential. If you want to get a feel for whether your site’s SEO is on track compared to established best practices, you can check out WooRank. One more website I see which has a potential is SEOSiteCheckup.

HubSpot Marketing Grader

HubSpot Marketing Grader service provides free reports that measure your site’s progress in three key areas: your promotional efforts, your on-page conversion optimization, and your website analytics.

SEOTools for Excel

Excel might seem outdated but it can be turned into a powerhouse and can perform some productive tasks by including this add-on. By setting up SEOTools, you’ll be able to use this tool to conduct on-page analysis, monitor backlinks, pull Google Analytics data directly into Excel for further exploration, and more! Just download and open the file in Excel and you’ll see a new toolbar in your Excel window. Take it away from there.

SiteTrail for Chrome

After the websites and tools, I’m coming to the extension segment and I’ve got some exciting tools. First up, SiteTrail. This plugin allows you to pull up various website SEO metrics, including site rank, site traffic, and site analytics, from a simple link within your right-click menu.


SEOQuake is available for both (Chrome and FireFox). Using this tool, you can quickly check your Pagerank, Alexa rankings, backlinks and other factors which are important. It also return information about individual web pages, as well as about the listings within individual SERPs.


First, Sign up for a feee account with SEOBook and you’ll gain access to the site’s selection of free SEO tools, including “The SEO Toolbar,” “SEO for Firefox,” and “Rank Checker.” Much like SEOQuake.

SEO for Chrome

This is one of the plugins I personally love. SEO for Chrome provides data on key SEO metrics from within the Chrome browser, this tool takes competitive web marketing research one step further by providing information on a given site’s social media presence.

So with this, another article ends and I really hope you’ll find at least a couple of new tools which will help you further in your SEO campaigns. My next article will cover some new tools for a new segment. Till then, take care and have a wonderful time. Cheers.

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