6 Effective Tools to Keep Track of Your Link Building Campaigns

After the posts about keyword research tools and Onsite Analysis tools in last couple of days, today I’m here again with another roundup collection of tools and this time, It’s about : Link Building Analysis tools. It becomes important to keep track of the links your site getting in a normal run or when you’re running a link building campaign and hence, I have tried to recollect all those tools which I have used so far, choose the best and provide you guys a list of those tools. Here I go!

link building tools

Google Alerts

I love whatever is built by Google. So I’d mention it first, no offence to others. First and formost tool is : Google Alerts. It allows you to receive email updates whenever your designated keywords are mentioned online. It can also be used for a number of other things but it is much better when it is used to keep track of the link building campaigns.

Majestic SEO

This even beats Google Alerts. Trust me. Majestic SEO is an awesome tool. Although it is a paid tool, it has got a tremendous power to keep track of all your incoming and outgoing links of your site. Even the free version provides some data on both your own site’s backlink profile and your competitors’ link collections but the paid version is a real beast.

Open Site Explorer

Open site explorer works the same as Majestic SEO does but since both the tools fetch data from different sets of data, it becomes interesting to compare the results of both the sites. Again, the program offers both free and paid versions with different levels of access and functionality to suit your specific needs.

Affiliorama SEO toolbar

Affiliorama is a firefox extension and it does pretty much same job as the above 2 tools does. The difference : It’s free! This free extension deserves a spot in any SEO’s tool chest as a result of its dofollow/nofollow feature, which highlights link attributes that are crucial to consider as part of your linkbuilding campaigns.


Onlywire is actually not a link analysis tool but it’s a social link building tool as I can say. When used correctly, social bookmarking can be a good way to reach new followers and build brand awareness for your website, but since the process of hand-submitting links to multiple sites can be time consuming, take a look at the free Onlywire service. It automatically posts your links to the social media account you enter in it and hence, it all becomes an almost a one click process.

Seesmic Ping

Once again, Seesmic ping also is the same tool as Onlywire, an automated social bookmarking system. Expanding on its predecessor’s (Ping.fm) weaknesses, the new Seesmic Ping service allows users to post from their iPhone, iPad, Android device, or email, in addition to providing advanced spell check and preview capabilities.

I must say, this is just a small selective tools’ list out of all those thousand tools available online for marketers to build links, for bloggers to keep track of their links but these are the tools I really like. If you have any other recommendation for the link building campaign analysis or link building tools, do let me know in the comment section below. Till then, keep building links 😉

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    1. thank you for the tool additions! Aware of ahref but backlinkwatch is somehow new. I shall look into that.


    1. Yes, I’ve same views on ahref as yours and you can say, that must be the reason why I didn’t include that in here.


  1. Well I’ve tried all the tools, mentioned above and I must say almost all of them are cool. But I personally like Magestic SEO the most. Its simply awesome…!!


  2. yes i am using majestic SEO tools that is really nice and cool 🙂
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