5 Tips For Writing Delicious Blog Post

Blogging is all about enjoying and if I compare it to the food, blog articles are recipes which you serve to your readers and if I am not wrong, any customer would love to have it if the dish you are serving is delicious! So, you must write your article in a way that it tastes delicious. Here, I am listing down those 5 simple points which you might want to follow while writing your articles to make them as mouth watering as possible. Enjoy!

1. Write valuable and worthwhile content

You should have a clear idea in your mind about your article and what you are going to write and include in that article. If you are not clear about what your content will be, then you are surely going to make mistakes about it and you might end up getting low response or negative response from your readers. So, make sure that you write what your readers expect from you and be clear about your writings. Don’t write just for fun otherwise your readers might get lost in the end. Have an objective and a clear idea in mind before starting your content.

2. Keep your article lively

This is one of the most important and less concerned point by some of the bloggers as they write all to the point and forget to keep in mind that how a reader is going to get engaged with the post. People love to read those articles which includes some fun. So, share your experience, ask questions and give some tips, hints which will keep the reader engaged with the post and they will enjoy it as well. The overall idea is to be not look like a boring lecturer 😀

3. Keep your articles simple

Well, in the above point, I mentioned that your article should be fun to read but that does not mean that you should use those difficult words of English dictionary which are less-known by the normal readers. You should try to keep your language as simple as possible and so that the article can be understood by a teenager. Just keep writing as if you are chatting with someone i a chat window! Do you think my articles are easy to read or do I need any change/improvements ?

4. Keep your article sweet and short

This point is always a matter of debate as it is still not clear that how long your post should be. Some of the bloggers prefer to write a long post of more than 500+ words and some prefer to write two articles of 250+ words each. Now its upto you that how you want to use this point. But whatever you choose, you should keep the above points in mind. Do you choose your words per article ? Well, I myself don’t 😛

5. Have a Call to Action

When you are about to finish your post, you should have a strong call to action and ask for the response from your readers about the particular post you have written and also be ready to accept negative response as well. By doing this, you will get to know what your readers think about your articles and how you have to work on it when you start writing your next article.

Here, I am making my CALL TO ACTION! Don’t forget to leave your comments below about this article. Thanks!


  1. It's nice to read such articles from you. I would like to add one more point that if you want to make the post worth then you should always think about the readers while writing. Agree with you that asking questions and making post interesting helps to engage readers and increase interaction with them.


    1. yeps! and I have even seen some very positive changes once I started asking question in between the article and at the end of the article! It really helps getting comments 😉


  2. You made an important point at the end. Call to Action is very important. It really helps you to blog better, to get a slight edge of what your readers want from ur blog.


  3. It's true that you've really got to keep your articles lively. I have found one way to do this is to use a bit of humor and/or mischief. It certainly makes the posts stand out. And if you can end with a bit of a one-liner, or at least a punchy play on words, that helps too.


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