5 OS X Yosemite Finder and Spotlight Tricks

OS X Yosemite by Apple is one of the best OS ever made for computers and it comes with a great overhauling search feature and a tweaked finder. These new features and tweaks makes it really easy and powerful for a user to have more control and better file management. Here I list down 5 tricks which can make your file management easier on your Mac.

Get a File Preview in Finder

You might already know about quick look and get info feature of the finder but now with the new Yosemite OS X, it comes with a preview pane in every finder window.  This optional panel appears in every Finder window, and it gives you an at-a-glance overview of the selected file. Better still, it takes only a few seconds to set up.

preview pane

To use this feature, open any finder window and navigate to the folder of your choice. Click on View > Show Preview and it will give you a beautiful preview as you can see above.

Rename Multiple Files at Once

Yosemite’s Finder includes a tiny feature which allows you to rename multiple files, all at one go. This is useful if you want to batch rename your event photographs or music files etc.

batch rename files yosemite

To use this tool, navigate to files you want to rename, select the files you want to batch rename and right click on them and select Rename X items where X is the number of files you have selected. From here, you can add text to the files’ titles, replace a portion of their titles, or apply formatting to the filenames. Once you’re done, click Rename.

Show File’s Path in Spotlight

spotlight path bar

If you’re not aware of the file path while searching with spotlight, simply press and hold Command key on your keyboard and it’ll highlight the file path for you. Unfortunately, Spotlight doesn’t come with an option to always show the path bar.

Copy a File from within Spotlight

copy file spotlight

You can simply drag files from your spotlight search to any other folder in your finder and copy files right away instead of following the old traditional process. Drag the file’s icon from the Spotlight window to wherever you want a copy of that file. It doesn’t appear as if you can move a file using this approach, however.

Change What shows up in Spotlight

It isn’t a new feature but it is worth mentioning as it saves up a lot of time and makes spotlight really a powerful tool for you.


spotlight features

Go to System Preferences, then select Spotlight. Next, go to the Search Results tab (if you aren’t there already) and check or uncheck any of the items Spotlight can search for. You can also change the order in which search results appear by dragging them around the list.

You can prevent mails or messages or maps data from appearing in spotlight just to avoid cluttering of the result. Really a handy trick.

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