30+ Best Slogans Ever Created

Having a slogan for any company or firm is the most important thing and to have it as a catchy line, it is just like an icing on the cake. Here in this article, I am just trying to compile all those catchy and best slogans ever created for different firms, businesses and companies all over the world. Note that, these are the slogans which I have heard or seen somewhere. Of course, By ‘best,’ I mean one that you remembered because you enjoyed it, not necessarily one that sold the most products

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The below written slogans are of course from the famous brands but there are some which doesn’t contain a brand name and they are the ones which I’ve just heard but never tried to know whose slogans are they from!

  1. Engineered like no other car in the world – Mercedes
  2. Just do it. – Nike
  3. Think Small – Volkswagen
  4. Fair and Balanced – FOX News
  5. Consider it Done – UPS
  6. I’m Lovin’ It – McDonalds
  7. The Happiest Place In The World – Disney
  8. Life. Powered by Edison
  9. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
  10. We’re number two, so we try harder
  11. It’s All Inside – J.C.Penney
  12. Is It In You? – Gatorade
  13. It’s Better Here – Wendy’s
  14. Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hands – M&Ms
  15. Because I’m worth it. (this is L’Oréal’s original slogan of the 1960’s, which was changed twice since then)
  16. We bring good things to life. – GE
  17. We will sell no wine before its time. – Paul Masson
  18. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. – Timex
  19. Aren’t you glad you use Dial. Don’t you wish everybody did? – Dial Soap
  20. Nothing beats a great pair of L’eggs.
  21. Trust sleepy’s for the “rest” of your life.
  22. Have a Coke and a smile
  23. Save Money, Live Better
  24. Think Different – Apple
  25. A Diamond Is Forever – Nakshatra
  26. Every Little Helps – Tesco
  27. Live in Your World – Play in Ours
  28. Life. Powered by Edison
  29. Image is nothing. Thirst is Everything
  30. Where’s the Beef? – Wendy’s
  31. Like No Other – SONY

So, thest were my best slogans, which one is your favorite one? Or have a slogan which you like the most? Oh, come on! at least you can leave that line as a comment below. BTW, my personal favorite is the Volkswogan one 😉

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  1. Love Apple and M&Ms 🙂

    Also, #8 and #28 are the same


  2. It should be 30 becoz Life. Powered by Edison is posted twice at No.28 & No. …
    I liked apple by the way…


  3. Nice list Rahul! I believe slogans make the companies even more popular and easy to remember. Slogans are additional identifications as well. And I would like to add the following: Relax, it’s Fedex and Connecting People – Nokia. Haha! Just surprised they were not included in the list. Personally, I find them interesting. =)
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    1. I was not aware of that Fedex one yet 😛 Sounds awesome 😉 And yes, forgot that Nokia 😛


  4. 6th one and the 10th one are the best!
    Really liked them…




  6. smthg bttr than nthg…………


  7. the best one in my opinion is HSBC's slogan which has been not mentioned in the list.
    HSBC: The World's local bank.


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