14 Sites To Earn Money Online With The Task You Are Good At

Earning online could be a difficult thing if you get into something in which you are not having any experience and you are not good at it at all but still it is a hard proven fact that people can really make money while working online. Internet can be used as a medium of making money online but still, it requires a lot of hard work and patience. Internet is having very rich sources from where you can make money with the task you are good at and which you can easily complete.

Internet surely can be used as a medium to earn a good amount of money for those who knows how to utilize the resources but for others, it’s merely a waste of time. As it is said, there are no alternatives to hard-work, making money online is not an easy task to do as well.I am in favor of making money online since there are many obvious advantages for people who make money online instead of working offline and making money.

Below, I am listing down those 5 sites which allows you to post the work which you are capable of doing, which you are comfortable with and which you can easily complete and fulfill. This is the easiest way you can earn money online. I hope you will be benefited with it.

1. Fiverr

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Fiverr is a marketplace for gigs that are priced at $5. Essentially, you can sell and buy tasks for $5. So anyone can create a gig for small service on the site, and visitors can accept gigs as well. Gig prices are fixed at $5. Buyers can order gigs and are required to pay for the gig in advance. Fiverr takes $1 off of the $5 fee.

2. Gigrr

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Gigrr is another marketplace for your gigs where you are allowed to sell your tasks at your price so there are no limits as given in fiverr. You will be paid once a week so you can credit your money to your account every week.

3. Jobsfor10

jobsfor10, earn money online, thecopypasteblog

Similar to the above two, this site also allows you to increase your payment to $10 and now $20 as a new feature addition to the site. You will be paid 80% of the amount you earn via your gigs put on this site.

4. Zeerk

zeerk, earn money online, thecopypasteblog Going one step ahead form the above given sites, this site allows you to put up your gigs which pays you upto $25! This site do charge for the gig having a payout of $10 or above but they charge nothing and pays you 100% if your gig is of $5.

5. TenBux

tenbux, earn money online, thecopypasteblog

Post your gigs on this site paying you out upto $10. The only drawback of this site is that it is not as popular as the above listed sites are so you might face difficulties in getting swift orders.

6. GigMeFive

gigme5, earn money online, thecopypasteblog

Another good site where the main advantage is you will find some very nice gigs in cheaper rates so if you are thinking of spending some of your bucks to get your task done, go for this site! Otherwise, this site isn’t that popular to post your gigs with having only 500+ members.

7. Dollar3

dollar3, earn money online, thecopypasteblog

One more to your list if you are thinking of buying some services from other users and at a very cheap rate of just $3. This is also a less known site with having less number of gigs and registered users.

8. Cinkue

cinkue, earn money online, thecopypasteblog

Something different this site has to offer is that here you don’t earn in $ but in €. So, the earnings becomes much highes as compared to the earnings you get while dealing in $. A moderately popular site which might be useful to you. Atleast you can give it a try as its free.

9. Dealerr

dealerr, earn money online, thecopypasteblog

Same feature as given above, this site allows you to post your gigs which earns you € and not $. A less known site as compared to the given above but the design looks quite impressive so you might wanna give it a try!


Here are some more site which has got the same features as the above given sites has to offer. Below given sites are not so popular so just listing down them all at once.

10. 7freelance

11. do4five

12. I-Will-Do

13. Freelance5

14. MakeAFiver

After providing you a great list, I can at least expect a feedback or some words from you as well 😛 Feel free to comment below if this has helped you a bit or you have liked this post 🙂


  1. Awesome Stuff Dude! I know only 3 in the entire list 🙂

    But I wonder where is the Famous Freelancer.com…..

    Bookmarking it as Im currently about to start my research on Making money Online stuff sooon.

    Thnx for sharing


  2. Knew only Fiverr out of the above list. Though Freelancer could have made into this list as Sid pointed out.


  3. All of them are clone of fiverr, and best one is Freelancer


  4. Thanks for sharing the info!

    I've had a look at all of the sites and I personally think the earning potential would be better on http://www.makeafiver.co.uk because it's in sterling, the pound is much stronger than the dollar and euro.


  5. I've been using fiverr for a few months now. I didn't know that there were more gig site like it. Thanks 🙂


  6. So cool. And another website like Fiverr is http://buckspaid.com. It

    is paid out fastest only 12 hours and have The MRR Store, The PLR

    Store, Trading Sytem Forex. Buy cheapest service and product only $ 5


  7. Hey , there is a new fiverr.com clone. ITs http://www.gigerdone.com/ Right now they are not charging any fees to list or sell your gigs. (not sure for how long ) but its gaining fast. I like the name, its like "get er' done", but instead "GIGerDone"


  8. Holy… I was only aware of Fiverr 😀 Thank you for enlightening me!


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