1. Athiya

    I’d been using beemp3, songslover, emp3 world but dese oder sites r awesum 2. Thank u 4 postin dem.

  2. Hi thanks Rahul for such informations…

    And are the sites arrange according to its rank or alternatively?

    1. no rankings. . .just those which are best according to their workings :)

  3. i had used seesasong and beemp3 and found all that i was searching…these both sites are really good…

  4. I mostly try downloading english songs taking a look at the top 100 music albums chart at torrent sites like piratebay and then google them for their rating and then add them to the download queue. That saves a lot of time rather then visiting the above urls to get the songs.

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  5. dpatel196

    Hey thanks to suggest all these sites,it saved my lot of time to download the songs.

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  6. Thank you very much for sharing such a post.
    I need this sites on daily base…

    Thank you very much Rahul

  7. sudha

    heyy thanxx…ur post really helpd me!!

  8. This is a great list. I will have to check them all out and see which is best.

  9. guest

    i know 9 of 12 sites

  10. srinivas

    Thnx bro fr a valuable link u hv posted…..

  11. Ayushee

    Thanks a lot :D
    and can i ask for the best torrent download-er?

  12. Harish Krishnan

    Thanks ! nice list……
    I use beemp3, dilandau, & songslover.com….
    there's another file sharing site "www.4shared.com" which provides quality music downloads…

  13. fuckerfuck

    all the links are bull shits. fuck urself. motherfucker…..fuck :@

  14. Vicky

    i used to download from tigow.com but couldnt find new releases over there. So found a new one .www.musicaddict.com
    Its kool check it out !!!

  15. Excellent and interesting data., your site gives the best and the most interesting information. Thankyou sir for a valuable & Important links you have posted.. This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for.., once again hats off to you.! THANKYOU.

  16. sky

    really nice… Thnx bro.

  17. weight lose pills

    Great list and now found what am i searching on net since last month but how to download video songs please can u tell me name of some lists .Nice work u have done here thanks a lots!

  18. Water Meters

    All site are nice to download mp3 songs. But the BeeMP3 is the most easiest site and it has a nice user interface.

  19. ashu

    perfectly agreeable list………jhakkas

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