12 Awesome Keyword Research Tools I Recommend

Are you a blogger? or a website owner? Do you run your SEO Campaigns? It’s important to take the first step by keyword research and more important is to choose the correct keywords to target while running your SEO campaigns. Hence, I’d like to recommend some of the SEO tools which I’ve used and using and I’ve liked them much. Hope it will help you and do let me know how it works out for you.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

The most amazing, powerful, standalone tool which can beat any other tool on any given time because it’s by the giant itself : Google. It has a tremendous amount of information and insights available for any given keyword and really has got a huge potential. Although the free Keyword Research Tool offered by Google’s Adwords doesn’t offer as many features as standalone SEO programs offer, this resource is a great option for checking general search, competition, and CPC metrics on the fly.

Google Trends

After the recent algorithm updates for search engines by Google, it’s more important to choose the correct trend and breaking stories for SEO campaigns. And, what could be the best place to find them other than Google Trends? It’d be great if you can make a habit of checking out on trends on a regular basis because this : Really Helps!

Google Insights for Search

Before you finally decide the keyword, make sure to check out details about that particular keyword and make sure to check its consistency over the time which will help you to gain an overall idea about your keywords. A few minutes of research on this free service Google Insights can save you a fortune by preventing you from going after the wrong keywords!

Google Correlate

Well, 70% of you must not have heard about this tool. Have you? If not, you’re really missing on something cool! Google Correlate will help you determine if trends that exist in your target keywords’ search volume variation correspond with trends in the real world. This will be helpful to make you understand about the unexpected changes in your SEO behaviour and variations in your Search engine rankings.

Google Related Searches

Another important tool to get some closely related keywords around the keyword you’ve chosen and it really comes handy when you need to go that one extra mile in finding a fre related keyword for your SEO campaign. It provides a great opportunity to find potential LSI keywords for your blog posts and content marketing articles.


Coming out of Google’s empire, here’s another amazing tool I like : BuzzFeed. A popular news aggregation site which covers a wide niche and a site which can help you identify the hot trends within our industry in order to rank highly for QDF (query deserving freshness) SERPs.


You must have heard people saying that they don’t trust in Alexa website rankings because it has a weakness or a weak algorithm you can say, but, the service’s webpage offers website owners data on visitor demographics, top search queries, potential target keywords, and other helpful SEO metrics. Enter any url and you get a ton of information.


After some serious tools, here’s a tool which is totally fun to use! Soovle pulls search suggestions from the seven top search engines. Simply start typing your target keywords into the site’s free engine, and you’ll automatically receive related keywords that can be used to power your own SEO campaigns. Plus point is, it’s really simple as it sounds!

Keyword Discovery

One of the most widely used, standalone keyword research tool : KeywordDiscovery. It’s rich list of features is the thing which makes it the market leader in the current market with a heavy competition. It’s not a completely free tool but my suggestion would be to give the site’s free Search Term Suggestion Tool a try, and then consider signing up for a free trial of the site’s paid keyword research and competitive intelligence tools.

Keyword Questions

Struggling to come up with an article for your blog or for your content marketing task? Keyword Questions is the one which will save you from all the other hazels you’d want to do to save yourself. Simply enter your target keyword into the engine, and it will return specific questions that people have entered into the search engines that relate to your topic, providing you with instant article-writing fodder that’s guaranteed to interest your audience!


After a tool walkthrough, I also have a couple of recommendation about plugins and extensions for your browser to help you make your keyword research task much easier. KGen enables you to view websites through the eyes of the search engines and uncover potential opportunities to outrank your competitors for valuable keyword phrases

SearchStats Plugin

This plugin deserves my special mention because of its keyword density measuring feature. SearchStats allows you to quickly measure the specific keyword usage rates found on other industry websites for your own competitive analysis.

So, that’s it from my side for now. I really hope this will encourage you to look more into your keyword research task and these tools will help you out. Let me know if you have soem more tools which you like/use and I’d love to go through them and have a look. Thanks for joining today, have a nice time!

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