100 Reasons to Jailbreak your iDevice

Rahul Banker Mobile

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Now that you have the solution to Jailbreak iOS 6 running on your iPhone/iPad or iPod touch, you might be wondering whether you should jailbreak it or not. At first, you might think that there is no installous available anymore so it’ll be a no brainer jailbreaking your iDevice but let me tell you, it’s worth jailbreaking your iDevice.

There must be a question arising on a mind of a newbie using an iDevice. Is jailbreaking legal? Well, That depends. The latest DMCA rules do not provide an exemption for jailbreaking and rooting tablets, which means jailbreaking your iPad is technically illegal. Jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch is fine, though, which makes absolutely no sense.

Is Jailbreaking Difficult? Not at all. It’s really simple. You can easily jailbreak your supported device with a few clicks and a wait of 10 minutes.

Why should you Jailbreak? Yeah, below I’m bringing you the answer of this question. Watch the video and you’ll know how awesome it is to use an iDevice which is having a jailbreak.

By jailbreaking, you can get a glimpse at the future of iOS itself, even if it’s often in an unpolished and experimental form. There are many a more reasons than what you saw in the video. So what are you waiting for? Here’s the tutorial to Jailbreak iOS 6 running device. See you soon.

Rahul Banker100 Reasons to Jailbreak your iDevice