10 Modern and Working ways to Earn Money Online

Everyone dreams of earning a good amount of money with which they can buy things they love or dream of and that includes me as well, no exceptions. But “Earning money online”? Well, if you had heard this word a few years back, you’d laugh it off but in the current age, it is something which needs to be taken seriously by going through the most cases in which it has worked tremendously well. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the ways I’m covering here and start making online!

Note that it’s unlikely you earn so much to buy yourself an island by working online but trust me, you can at least buy a flight ticket which can lead you to a dreamy island at least so to be honest, working online is not that bad and who knows it better than me? I’ve been doing that since last 3 years now! Read on, below are the ways to earn money online.

earn money online

10 Ways to Work and Earn Money Online

1. Get Paid to write articles online

Business sites are always looking to get more content to promote themselves and in order to do that, they tend to hire people who can write good content for them or sometimes they send products to the bloggers to review or sometimes, they even pay to get their review written if you’ve a good blog. Even if you don’t have a blog, you can start a free blog and use services like PayPerPost which pays a good amount of money if you can write well.

2. Get Paid by Google AdSense for Blog

Google AdSense, which is also the way I make money online and it works this way : Start a blog, make it popular, show ads on your blog via Adsense, they pay you monthly for the clicks you get on the ads you’re showing. As simple as that! Google AdSense really pay good money for showing their ads on your blog. I’ve seen people earning as big as $30,000-40,000 a month online via Google AdSense and it works, I use it!

3. Selling Products Via Affiliates

If you’re good at pitching to people, having a flair in writing sales copy then this could be for you! If you’re looking beyond selling diet pills or penis enlargement products, you can check out Amazon Affiliate program which is said to be quite a successful one and I personally have used it with good effect. If you maintain a good email list or a good blog, you can pitch the products to them and they buy, amazon pays you a commission on a product sold via your link.

4. Sell Products on Ebay

Ever thought of making money online by becoming a reseller? Well, eBay allows you to sell products on their site and by becoming a reseller of a product business or selling stuff made by you, you’re expected to make a good earning online via eBay. By buying wholesale you can sell anything with a mark up. Even better, if you have the skills to make things people want to buy you could start your own home-based craft business, selling to customers around the world.

5.  Earn Money via Domain Flipping

Well, you probably haven’t heard about this before, right? If not, let me explain : Buy a premium looking domain and put them on sale on a site like Flippa. Much like real estate investors buy old, ramshackle houses and fix them up into desirable properties. Check this : According to New York Times, in 2007 the domain name bird-cage.com was sold for $173,000. It had been bought two years earlier for just $1,800. Seems a hige money making machine online if used effectively!

6. Write a Book, Sell it Online, Make money online

So, publishers are rejecting to print a hard copy of your book? No worries. Now you can write a book on your PC and sell it online and make money. It goes like this : Write a book using any publishing too like iBooks, use stores like Kindle Store or Apple Book Store and upload your book there and set the price you want to sell it on. You’re done. Just start promoting the book and people will buy! Easy money.

7. Sell Photographs Online and earn money

This seems new, right? I had clicked some photographs last year during a festival and I had uploaded them to my flickr. One fine morning, I received a mail by a well known camera making firn that they want to buy my photographs for their advertising campaign and I was wondering if even this is a way of making money online! Since then, I have started trusting this way of earning money online and going by my recent experience and paycheques, it works awesomely well!

8. Be a Teacher or Personal Assistant Online

Skype! In the recent age, people tend to learn new things from people and if you’re really good at teaching something then this is for you! You can sign up to services like oDesk and can sell your knowledge! Every small businessman would love to hire a full time assistant to take care of the little things, but many simply can’t afford one. But, thanks to the Internet, now they can.

9. Sell Designer Tshirts Online

You can start your own virtual stores, did you know this before? Recently, I been through services like threadless, designedbyhumans, bluegape who allows you to design your own tshirt and sell them through their e-commerce store or allow you to build your own e-commerce store on their site! Isn’t that great?

10. Your Way to earn money online

Well, I have one more way but looks not that impressive so I’d leave this space for you! If you have any experience of earning money online in past or currently doing so or even thinking of doing so, feel free to share it with me! Alternatively you can read few of my articles on earning money online.

If you have any idea about how to make money online or earn money online, feel free to share it in the comment section below and I’d love to discuss things with you! Cheers till the next time and have a good time earning money online! It’s time to make your dreams come true 🙂

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  1. Now, After seeing Old adsense screenshot, many will start working online. 🙂 Hope to get to that stat soon 😉

    BTW these are the most effective ways to make money online but not as easy as it sound.


    1. have not tried domain flipping yet to the full effect but blogging, you know it well 😀 I’ll soon check out domain flipping in details!


  2. I guess most bloggers are engaged with #2 and #3 methods. Writing articles require you to be a really good writer.

    I wonder how someone would build up and what fixation they'd do to increase value of domain names they purchase. $173,000 for a domain name is really a frightening 😮
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  3. I seems. they are best Online making money tips on this blog. thanks @Rahul sharing this valuable and useful post . I got some new ways in this post for money make money
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